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A Story Behind the Name


Jack-B's is named after Brenden's Dad:  Jack Butler; who died of Esophageal cancer in 2004.  Brenden was very close to his Father, and he has always had a passion for cooking and the food industry.  As a matter of fact, before he moved back to be with his dying Father in 2004, he was close to starting up a new restaurant/cafe in Ft. Myer's Beach, FL.


Brenden chose to walk away from that opportunity in order to spend time with his Dad during his last days on earth.  His dream from that point forward, and promise to his Dad, was to run his own restaurant, and name the business after his Father.


Thirteen years later, Brenden and his wife Sherrie, are seeing his dreams come alive.  The dream of running his own restaurant is starting to come to fruition and become a reality through the start-up of Jack-B's.  

"Jack Butler....One Tough Cookie!"