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About Us

Fried Pickles!

Time Matters


Jack-B's is a tiny family-owned restaurant located in the heart of Downtown Findlay.  Since it is so tiny, all of our business is take-out/carry-out food.  We offer a variety of delicious items from salads and appetizers, to sandwiches, home-made chicken chunks and buckeyes.  We will also be offering various lunch and dinner specials in the future.                                                 

At Jack B-s we recognize that time is one of life's most important commodities...and time spent with the people we love is priceless.  We want to give some of that time back to doing the cooking!


No Time to Cook?

 For many families today, home-cooked meals are a thing of the past.  More adults work full time, and some only have a half hour for lunch.  Also, at the end of a day in the office, cooking a hot meal for a family is not an easy task. Our schedules are full, and we don't have the time, or the energy to pull it off...especially every night of the week! 


We Can Help!

 Grab a quick lunch to go, or dinner on your way home from work!  What better option to save you both time and money?  Convenience is everything!  You will never have to figure out what to cook for dinner again!!  

Jack-B's is at your service with home-cooked goodness-to-go!!!